Mission Statment

Massage bliss toledo

Our mission is to relax, rehabilitate, and restore each client based on their individual needs, and to facilitate the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. We aim to establish and maintain positive rapport with all medical professionals in relation to our claims and clients. Additionally, we aspire to educate the community on the benefits of regular massage and promote proactive awareness.


Choose Your Bliss


1 hour Custom Massage $59.99*

Add Aromatherapy $10.00

90 min. Custom Massage $89.90*

2 hour Custom Massage $119.98*

90 min. Hot Stone / Bamboo Fusion Massage $99.90*

1 hour of Reflexology $59.99*

*Introductory and membership rates only (not to be combine with any promotions or discounts)

*Non Member rates are an additional $10 per hour

 Prices do NOT reflect tax or gratuity

Non cash establishment- Credit card only

Must have credit card to reserve appointment



Wellness Plans

Massage bliss toledo

Wellness Plans

Migraine and Headaches        8 Weeks for $419.90

Focusing on the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, and postural muscles, with the goal of alleviating muscle tension, chronic migraines, tension headaches, and improve posture.

Neck and Shoulder                        10 Weeks for $539.90

Focusing on the neck, shoulders, rotator cuff, arms, and upper back, with the goal of alleviating muscle tension caused by repetitive strain injuries.

Lower Back and hips                   10 Weeks for $539.90

Focusing on the low back, hip, gluteal muscles, and legs, with the goal of alleviating muscle tension in the sacral region.

Pre-natal*                                        12 Sessions for  $629.90

This plan will include 12 massages total, scheduled depending upon at what point in your pregnancy you decide to begin the plan.  Focusing on the individuals pregnancy aches and pains. Prepares the body for labor, relaxes the mother and baby, and decreases stress. *High risk pregnancies require doctors clearance.

Reflexology                                  8 Weeks for $419.90

Focusing on the hands, feet, and ears based upon the individuals needs and preferences, with the goal of targeting specific ailments corresponding with nerve endings in the reflex zones.

TMJ                                               12 Weeks $629.90

 Focusing on the face, temporal mandibular joint, neck and shoulder muscles, and other muscles associated with the individuals TMJ pain, with the goal of alleviating pain and tension.

Prices do NOT reflect tax or gratuity

Non cash establishment- Credit card only

Must have credit card to reserve appointment


Membership Benefits


  • A customized massage every month, locked in at our introductory rate.
  • Unused massages may rollover to the next month, or may be combined for 90 minute massage, hot/cold stone, etc.
  • Any additional massages will be locked in at the introductory rate.
  • You may gift any of your monthly massages.
  • Refer friends and family members for additional discounts.


A blissful escape in downtown Toledo !

“I have been to some of the finest hotel spas for massage in Hawaii and around the U.S. I’ve also tried other highly rated places in the Detroit & Toledo areas. I can honestly say through personal experience that Robert & his associates, at Massage Bliss offer the highest level of service and the quality of the massage is among the very best available, and at a fraction of the cost. I used to only get one when on vacation or out of town , not anymore. Give them a try! It’s life changing. “
  • MB

“Being able to get a chair massage during work lets me take a break from the busy day and just relax.  The massage technicians create a great atmosphere of quite music and dim light to relax your mind as they work the tension out of your back.  It is a great chance to relax and loosen up during the workday.  I wish we had them every week.”



“I suffered with painful  sciatica for over 10 years. A year ago I talked to Anna and asked if massage could relive the condition. I tried chiropractic which only gave me momentary relief. Anna explained what was happening in my lower back and began to massage the area. Anna is a very good teacher and explains everything she does. I have not had even one flare up since she worked on me. The pain of sciatica had taken over my life but now I am free!!! Thank you Anna”

  • SHARON, 59

“I found Massage Bliss because I was looking for some alternative treatment for Migraine headaches, which I have suffered from since a very young age.  In the past I have seen countless doctors, I have been medicated, scanned, and hospitalized with no answers and no relief.  Both Robert and Anna have worked on me, I’ve tried both traditional massage and reflexology, and I’ve experienced relief I didn’t think was possible. Massage alleviates my headache pain immediately, something I haven’t experienced in all of the years I’ve been suffering. Not only do I experience the results that I need but I leave the office feeling much more relaxed and my stress melts away. Robert and Anna were both very confident that massage could help me, which made me feel at ease. Many of the doctors I’ve seen in that past left me feeling like we were playing a guessing game, and I didn’t feel confident that we would find the root of my issue.  This has been an all-around different and positive experience.”

  • ANONYMOUS, 25.

Appointment and cancelation policies

We must have credit card on file  to reserve your appointment due to our cancellation policy.

  Cancellation Policy:

   No call no show – 100% charge

   Same day cancel – 50% charge

  Cancel day before – 0% charge

    Reschedule – 0% charge

Bamboo Fusion

A variety of bamboo pieces are heated and incorporated into classic massage techniques, resulting in a deeply relaxing experience. The use of bamboo tools makes this a firmer massage. This technique works in a very similar way to Hot Stone massage.

Bamboo Fusion

Custom Massage

All of our LMTs are trained for custom massage.  We will provide the client with an hour or more of relaxation, stress relief, and reduced muscle tension through full body massage.

A custom massage is perfect for all client needs, from pain issues to simple relaxation. You will leave feeling restored!MB_015

Massage Bliss Toledo

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