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Wellness Plans

Massage bliss toledo

Wellness Plans

Migraine and Headaches        8 Weeks for $419.90

Focusing on the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, and postural muscles, with the goal of alleviating muscle tension, chronic migraines, tension headaches, and improve posture.

Neck and Shoulder                        10 Weeks for $539.90

Focusing on the neck, shoulders, rotator cuff, arms, and upper back, with the goal of alleviating muscle tension caused by repetitive strain injuries.

Lower Back and hips                   10 Weeks for $539.90

Focusing on the low back, hip, gluteal muscles, and legs, with the goal of alleviating muscle tension in the sacral region.

Pre-natal*                                        12 Sessions for  $629.90

This plan will include 12 massages total, scheduled depending upon at what point in your pregnancy you decide to begin the plan.  Focusing on the individuals pregnancy aches and pains. Prepares the body for labor, relaxes the mother and baby, and decreases stress. *High risk pregnancies require doctors clearance.

Reflexology                                  8 Weeks for $419.90

Focusing on the hands, feet, and ears based upon the individuals needs and preferences, with the goal of targeting specific ailments corresponding with nerve endings in the reflex zones.

TMJ                                               12 Weeks $629.90

 Focusing on the face, temporal mandibular joint, neck and shoulder muscles, and other muscles associated with the individuals TMJ pain, with the goal of alleviating pain and tension.

Prices do NOT reflect tax or gratuity

Non cash establishment- Credit card only

Must have credit card to reserve appointment


Massage Bliss Toledo

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