Membership Program

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Massage Bliss is a member-based clinic. The effects of massage are cumulative, meaning that the more frequently you receive massage, the longer lasting the effects of massage become. A typical maintenance schedule is one massage every four weeks. For these reasons, Massage Bliss developed a Membership Program that allows you to make a commitment to your health and wellbeing which allows us to give you the best care at the best rate.

How the Membership Program works:

  • Make a commitment to receive monthly massages which are then billed at our member rate for the duration of your commitment
    • The member rate is:
      • $65 for 60 minute massage
      • $97.50 for 90 minute massage
      • $130 for 120 minute massage
    • The membership requires a credit card be kept on file for monthly billing.
    • Memberships automatically renew each month.
  • Unused massages may rollover to the next month, or may be combined for 90 minute massage, hot/cold stone massage, etc.
    • Unused massages may roll over up to 12 months
  • Any additional massages you receive in the same month will be charged the member rate
  • You may gift any of your unused monthly massages to friends or family

When you’d like to make a commitment to your health, please ask any of our therapists to get you started in the Membership Program. We look forward to working with you!

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