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“The best massage of my life”

“Andrew is completely amazing, professional, compassionate and honestly just the best! I have never had such a therapeutic experience with bodywork. I will definitely be making this a standing appointment.”

Sita Dasa

“Being able to get a chair massage during work lets me take a break from the busy day and just relax.  The massage technicians create a great atmosphere of quiet music and dim light to relax your mind as they work the tension out of your back.  It is a great chance to relax and loosen up during the workday.  I wish we had them every week.


“I suffered with painful sciatica for over 10 years. A year ago I talked to Anna and asked if massage could relieve the condition. I tried chiropractic which only gave me momentary relief. Anna explained what was happening in my lower back and began to massage the area. Anna is a very good teacher and explains everything she does. I have not had even one flare up since she worked on me. The pain of sciatica had taken over my life but now I am free!!! Thank you Anna.”

Sharon, 59

“I found Massage Bliss because I was looking for some alternative treatment for migraine headaches, which I have suffered from since a very young age.  In the past I have seen countless doctors, I have been medicated, scanned, and hospitalized with no answers and no relief.  I’ve tried both traditional massage and reflexology, and I’ve experienced relief I didn’t think was possible. Massage alleviates my headache pain immediately, something I haven’t experienced in all of the years I’ve been suffering. Not only do I experience the results that I need but I leave the office feeling much more relaxed and my stress melts away. Many of the doctors I’ve seen in that past left me feeling like we were playing a guessing game, and I didn’t feel confident that we would find the root of my issue.  This has been an all-around different and positive experience.”

Anonymous, 25